January 10, 2012
10/100: #ten

Ten is…

…an album by Pearl Jam.

…a movie starring Dudley Moore & Bo Derek.

…the number of toes I have.

…the number of diapers I changed yesterday.

…not a bad first card in Black Jack.

…the number of calories in two teaspoons of ketchup.

…the number of albums I’d like to make in the same number of years.

…a slow driving speed.

…a perfect score in gymnastics.

…the number of blog entries I’ve completed so far.

Yesterday was a sick day for Ivy, our daughter. While she’s technically healthy and, if I do say so, a bit of a firecracker, she’s making the transition from formula to cow’s milk. The change has been a bit messy. I’ve enjoyed the past two days at home with her. She’s a true joy.

Yesterday, during Ivy’s nap, I was able to complete some research on how to route some of the various mixing elements in order to achieve the sound I want for the next album. A mixing board is like a gigantic plumbing system. A multitude of sounds are piped in, blended, and then piped out on just two spigots, the stereo mix.

The new routing theory will allow for a purer access to the source material and a wider application of audio tools. Basically, it will make things sound better. If the strategy passes the test, I foresee it making things much more efficient.

Today is the ninth day of the Base Camp phase of Strength for Life. This 12 day rest/light workout phase has been difficult for me to finish in the past. Not so this time. I’m enjoying it quite a bit.

Getting up earlier has given me time to exercise, write, and eat a healthy breakfast without feeling rushed in the morning. Doing these things creates more energy for me throughout the day and, therefore, a perceived sense of having more time.

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